Document Shredding Process

Should you decide to choose SHRED KING, here's our document shredding procedure

  • Your employees deposit confidential documents and material into locked security containers provided by Shred King free of charge.
  • At your convenience, a uniformed and bonded Shred King technician arrives at your location and transports your locked bins to our on site mobile destruction truck.
  • Each container is placed into the shredding truck's bin-lift tunnel where it is quickly and securely lifted and tipped into the shredding system. Your material is shredded in minutes, never touched by human hands. For peace of mind, you are invited to witness the destruction of your material via our onboard monitor.
  • A certificate of destruction is then issued immediately that confirms the destruction of your confidential materials.
  • Shred King delivers all shredded documents and material to a recycling center, protecting the environment as well as your business.

On-site Document Shredding

Off-site Document Shredding


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