Boston Records Storage Services

Massachusetts Record Storage & Document Management Services

  • Disaster Recovery - Backing up your data to an offsite facility in the event of a disaster at your office.

  • Document Conversion - Convert your paper documents into digital images. Reduce storage and retrieval costs.

  • Document Imaging - The process of creating digital images for physical ones.

  • Document Scanning - Scan all those records to CDs or to a computer

  • Electronic Document Storage - A server that manages access to your company's documents. Provides security and version control.

  • E-Vaulting - Online storage of records.

  • Media Vault - A storage facility with temperature and moisture control to prevent the degradation of magnetic media.

  • Medical Records Scanning - Converting medical records into digital images. Usually stored in an EHR.

  • Medical Records Storage - Climate controlled storage of medical records.

  • Microfiche Conversion - Scan microfiche into digital images for easier access

  • Online Backup - Storage of digital files in an offsite facility. Backup is done via the internet.

  • Records Storage - Physical storage of documents at a secure, climate controlled facility.

  • Redaction Service - Removing personal information from records before they are made available to the public.

  • Shredding Services - Turning big paper into little tiny paper and then recycling it.

  • Tape Rotation - Backing up data to a tape and then storing it in a secure, offsite facility.

  • X-Ray Conversion - Converting x-rays into digital images for use by medical offices.

Boston Record Storage Services

With growing concern over data security and increasing consumer protection regulation, no other Boston Record Storage Company can afford to cut corners in data storage. If your Massachusetts business has accumulated more documents and records than you know what to do with, SHRED KING will sort through the chaos. As a dedicated Massachusetts record storage company, SHRED KING Record Storage can protect your business from all the risks of sensitive data, including:

Why Boston Record Storage?

Why Boston Document Storage?

Record Storage For: Fire Damage

Fire is both a threat to and a consequence of poorly stored data. The more of your data is stored on paper copies and crammed into poorly organized file cabinets, the greater the risk that a fire will break out. Fires in turn can wipe out your data, especially if you rely on paper copies stored in one place. For this reason, SHRED KING is committed to converting all of our customers into paperless offices, and provides document scanning to businesses throughout Massachusetts. We will digitize all of your documents quickly and with minimal disruption to your business, taking care not to overlook any data in the process. We can also store your documents off-site so that if anything happens to your headquarters, your data will still be secure.

RECORD STORAGE FOR: Document Misplacement

Besides scanning your documents and storing them in a digital format, SHRED KING also provides you with the tools to quickly sort through and recover your data. We carefully index all of the data that we digitize, allowing you to recognize it regardless of how long it has been in storage. We offer the latest software for managing documents, minimizing the potential for human error during the storage process. By reducing data recovery times in your business, our records management services will more than pay for themselves through improved productivity.


Digital data theft is one of the greatest threats to modern business. Now organized in large teams and given vast resources, hackers can steal sensitive information, give other companies an advantage over yours, and leak customer data to the world. SHRED KING record storage has the technology and experience to eliminate these threats. We are committed to storing your data as securely as possible, and constantly adapt to data security threats as soon as they arise.

Boston's #1 Choice for Document Storage

Hundreds of businesses throughout Massachusetts trust SHRED KING for their document storage and management needs. We are particularly adept at providing these services in Boston, and know how to account for the specifics of the city's business climate. As our customer, you will never have to stress about proper data storage, leaving you free to focus on expanding your business.

Don't settle for sub-par Boston record storage. Contact SHRED KING today to learn more about Boston records management.


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