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Why Shredding Your Documents Isn't Enough

Shredding Documents Is Only The First Step in Complete Security

For the past ten past years, document shredding has been on the minds of the U.S. Congress, powerful Financial institutions, Retail giants, and the Medical industry to name a few. Today, with the proliferation of identity theft and electronic fraud, organizations--both large and small--must address the critical issue of document shredding--almost everyone needs a paper shredding service. For this reason, identity theft experts agree that every family and business owner should own and use a shredder or shredder service to destroy sensitive documents.

In this digital age, fewer hackers and thieves are stealing identity information from disposed documents. According to some experts, such as the researchers at Javelin Strategies, a financial research firm, it is actually now an extremely rare crime. We agree with Javelin that relying on shredding as your main line of defense represents an outdated approach to document disposal. We want you to cover all of your bases and suggest that in addition to shredding your documents you consider several other safeguards available and helpful in your quest to maintain the privacy and integrity of collected information and sensitive company records. Here are a few other security options to employ for the management of information and sensitive documents.

Computer Security. Implementing computer safeguards involves much more than installing a firewall or spyware program, although we recommend both of these. You should always use a password on your wireless router. If at all possible, refrain from conducting financial transactions over public wireless networks. Watch out for unsolicited requests from representatives purporting to be from a financial institutions. This may be a common scam called phishing. The idea is to get you to give your personal information right over the phone or computer. Never give your personal information to anyone without first investigating the company.

Mobile Security. We are all sending a great deal of information over the internet via our personal smartphones. If and when you do choose to conduct financial transactions and store data using smartphone technology, be sure to use a password protection. We suggest you also invest in a program that will enable you to clear sensitive data in the event that the phone is lost or stolen. Ondrej Krehel is an information security officer with Identity Theft 911. His security tip is that smartphone users download updated operating system software in order to keep up with the latest security patches. We also recommend investing in a mobile security program for your phone.

Shredding your documents is one great way of protecting yourself and customers from identity theft. It is also necessary and important because while stealing unopened mail from a mail box is a federal offense, discarded documents obtained in the garbage are not held to the same standard and there can be no expectation of privacy. Whatever your method, vigilance is the key factor in keeping your private and sensitive information away from thieves. We advise constant monitoring of your accounts, watching for unusual activity, and reporting any suspicious activity immediately.

Without an efficient and secure document shredding solution, holding information beyond its required retention period incurs unnecessary storage costs and leaves you vulnerable to risks of theft, misuse, disclosure, legal discovery, and non-compliance fines. Contact SHRED KING today, we are Boston's SECURE paper shredding solution!


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